Harnessing the power of innate and adaptive immunity to fight cancer

About US

Tallac Therapeutics™,  founded in 2018 is a privately held biopharmaceutical company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our multi-disciplinary team is rapidly advancing the company’s lead programs in cancer toward clinical trials in multiple indications.



Despite the success of checkpoint inhibitors and adoptive CAR-T therapies, only a fraction of cancer patients benefit. Novel therapies engaging both innate and adaptive immune response may produce more robust and durable anti-cancer immunity. We developed a novel Toll-like Receptor Agonist Antibody Conjugate (TRAAC) platform to deliver a potent TLR9 agonist (T-CpG) for targeted immune activation via systemic administration. We are advancing a pipeline of therapies that enable innovative therapeutic approaches for multiple solid tumor malignancies.


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