Tracy Kuo, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Biology and Translational Science

Tracy Kuo joined Tallac Therapeutics in 2020. An immunologist specializing in cancer immunotherapy, she leads the Biology and Translational group in the identification and preclinical evaluation of novel molecules to activate immune cells to target tumors. Prior to her current position at Tallac, Tracy led several preclinical programs that have progressed to clinical development. At ALX Oncology, Tracy was Director of Biology and her team generated the pre-clinical data to support a Phase I trial of ALX148, a next generation CD47 blocking therapeutics currently in multiple clinical trials across a range of hematologic and solid tumor malignancies. In 2010, Tracy joined Rinat/Pfizer, where she initiated and was the project team lead for research programs targeting BCMA via multiple modalities, including CD3 bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates and CAR-T. This work led to the development of PF-06863135, a BCMA-CD3 bispecific, which is currently in a Phase I trial. Tracy holds a Ph.D. in immunology from Columbia University and performed postdoctoral training at the University of California, Berkeley.