Laura Chow, M.D., FRCPC

Interim Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Laura Chow is a leader in clinical development in immunotherapeutics with prior roles as Senior Vice President/Vice President at Summit Therapeutics and Fate Therapeutics. She brings nearly two decades of clinical and clinical trial experience as a practicing medical oncologist specialized in lung, head and neck cancer and other solid malignancies, and as an internationally recognized clinical researcher and expert in immunotherapy and early phase clinical trial design. She was previously a tenured professor while serving as the Associate Chair of Oncology Education, Director of the Head & Neck and Lung Cancer Program at Dell Medical School and University of Texas at Austin, and the Associate Cancer Center Director for Clinical Research at the Livestrong Cancer Institutes. Prior to joining the University of Texas, Dr. Chow was a professor, Associate Director of Phase I Clinical Trials, clinician and clinical researcher at the University of Washington School of Medicine, and an Associate member of the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. As a clinical investigator, Dr. Chow has helped develop the immune-checkpoint inhibitors to regulatory approval and has consulted in numerous advisory boards for multiple novel immunotherapies.